RYZE Commits to “Living Wage” Plan

Jul 28, 2022

RYZE Claim Solutions, a fast-growing and innovative leader in the claims industry, has committed to supporting its national workforce by providing a sustainable “minimum” starting wage of $16 an hour.

The new “living wage” initiative is a part of the company’s belief that investing in people leads to a successful return in top-quality work to its clients and employee satisfaction, said RYZE CEO Tony Grippa.

Grippa emphasized that $16 an hour is the “minimum” the company will pay employees. Many employees joining RYZE or already working for the company make significantly more than that amount, based on their skills and experience.

“No employee who works for RYZE will make less than $16 an hour,” Grippa said. “We are excited to be a part of improving the lives of those within as well as those among our communities.”

RYZE’s $16 minimum is more than double the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. It’s also higher than the minimum wage of any state. In Indiana – where RYZE is headquartered – the minimum wage is also $7.25 an hour. In Florida – where RYZE also has offices – minimum wage is currently $10 an hour and scheduled to increase to $11 at the end of September.

“As the nation’s fastest-growing claims company, we will continue to invest in our employees through competitive wages, through training for long-term career development, and by offering industry-leading benefits so that we can attract and retain only the best talent,” Grippa said.

About RYZE Claims Solutions
RYZE is a national claims services company where “People Matter, Reputations Matter, and Results Matter.”


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